Coastside Continues its Sales Price Growth | 5 years

The Coastside (shown as the Cabrillo Unified School District) has seen comparable median sales price trends over the last 5 years with San Mateo County as a whole, as shown in the graph below.  For buyers, there are still bargains to be had as they relate to mid-Peninsula prices; however, I see the Coastside continuing to be a bedroom community for Silicon Valley and San Francisco homeowners who value the fresh air, relatively fewer people, small-town feel, and neighborhood beaches, as a great way to spend their time away from work.  Our area continues to be a good long term investment, and place to live.  For sellers, if your personal goals call for a re-allocation of real estate or liquidation, it is a good time to sell from the market perspective.


For more detail on Coastside real estate prices, please see the January 2018 Annual Coastside Report.