Coastsiders Begin Online Conversations

Our Coastside is a blend of “native Coastsiders” going back several generations, new Bay Area transferees who have discovered that our communities are not that far from work and yet feel a world away, and everything in between. The local government and community meetings typically see a handful of attendees.  Many people share their real opinions while running into friends and neighbors around town.  Now there is a new way to share ideas, form support groups of like-minded people, and move local initiatives forward.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned of a few online conversations and opportunities to become involved on-and-off-line if you wish to participate. I am excited to know of them and know some of the people involved. I support their efforts to take initiative toward improving our neighborhoods in this way.

SMC Speak Out – – since 2012.  Transportation & Safety.  San Mateo County sponsored, local input requested.

Nextdoor – since 2010.  Social network for neighborhoods.  VC funded.  Several local neighborhoods – and neighbors – are now participating.

Coastside Conversations – since 2014.  Improvement of local government.  Local volunteers, not for profit, local input requested.

Village of the Coastside – since 2014.  As a part of the nationally recognized Village to Village Network.  Housing for aging-in-place.  Local volunteers, not for profit, local input requested.

Coastside Current – – since 2009.  As a part of nationally recognized The Breaking News Network.  Local news from various sources; opportunity for non-profits, entertainment, and more.  Local sponsor, not for profit, community service,  Twitter feeds.  (full disclosure:  I started this to offer another way for the community to share.)

If I missed any, contact me to let me know so I can add them.

There is a lot of local information here, so check out these links and pass them along.