Gardener’s Advantage

We are thinking about Fall planting – in between enjoying summer!  Get a head start here on what you can plant to encourage good bugs and keep away the “pests”, while supporting best practices for water use.

plants that repel pests


August 2014 tips from local gardening expert Jack McKinnon “The Garden Coach”.  His nine tips this month acknowledge our drought and how to balance beauty, fun and conservation.  #7 is my favorite “Rather than complain about the drought (or anything else for that matter), embrace the opportunity.  The news media makes a living on bad news, we don’t have to. . . .”



Houzz has some fun articles on gardening for pest management too…


When you’re ready to go shopping for plants around the Coastside…

Yerba Buena Nursery – (650) 851-1668

Half Moon Bay Nursery – 650-726-5392

Bongard’s Treescape Nursery – (650) 726-4568