Big Screens and Big Comfort on tap this Sunday – at Home

Real Estate tradition says that the start of the  Spring Market, typically the most active time of the year for both buyers and sellers, begins after Super Bowl Sunday.  This year, that is this weekend.  I was thinking of writing a post on the super fun establishments we have in the area for a bit of imbibing along with the big-screen watching.  Then I saw this paragraph and changed my focus – to home – where I will be (unless I’m working).  Hubby is used to this.

“The Bar is Not the Place to Be on Super Bowl Sunday – Less than 1.5% of respondents to the Nielsen survey said they planned to watch the game at a bar or restaurant. Even in New Orleans, where the game is taking place, bars aren’t expecting large crowds. While bars often do big business during regular NFL games, the Super Bowl is a different type of event. “The Super Bowl is in some ways an American holiday,” Russo says. “It’s gathering the friends and family around the at-home experience and all the other components that tie into that.”

One of the most popular home features is the large kitchen-family room area or “open concept” living.  On days like Super Bowl Sunday, homeowners and their guests enjoy the feeling of inclusion, room to victory dance and shout, easy access to the refrigerator, all those things that are very COMFORTable.  Here are two great rooms:  1) Miramar/Half Moon Bay house; photo credit:  Barbara Masek Photography.  2) image of a kitchen/family room layout.


FOR THE NON-FOOTBALL FANS WHO WANT TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE…LIKE LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME…Here is what is currently on the market in the Half Moon Bay area.  Click the links at top or bottom as directed to see all the listings.

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