Small Town Praise for Half Moon Bay

An article just appeared that included Half Moon Bay CA, USA as one of the best small towns in the world!  I am so conflicted writing this to you as a long time resident, part of me wants to keep our idyllic lifestyle a secret and part of me is saying, “see…we are amazing, I’m not just saying so to sell you a house”!

Why Half Moon Bay?

One major benefit that separates “the Coastside” from other small towns is our close proximity to the great City By The Bay – San Francisco.  Weekend getaway on Nob Hill…Noe Valley shopping…theater district…Chinatown…great food in the Mission…the list could go on for days.

The other major benefits have to do with our heart and soul of a community – land, sea, and people.

Land – San Mateo County has the largest designated open space in all the nine surrounding Bay Area Counties.  We are separated by a mountain ridge to the east.  We hike mountains, walk the trails, take tons of photographs, paint, and our surroundings make up the beautiful fabric of our daily lives.  A short (sometimes long) drive over Highway 92 quickly takes you back to a different reality.

Sea – The San Mateo Coast is part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary , with the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve right in our backyard.  Kids from all over go there for field trips.  Watching the waves is a local past time for surfers and non-surfers.  Boogie boarding, skimboarding, and kayaking are enjoyed at the water’s edge.  People are drawn here to see Mavericks, yet you can’t really see the waves except in the now famous pictures.  We consider the ocean a part of our community and respect it.

People – This is the best asset of all.  Because those of us who live here, WANT to live here.  Every person I’ve sold a house to has said that living here has been better than they ever expected, the drive is not as bad as they thought, the weather is better than they thought and there is so much to do.  Many people who live here are committed to making our community even better for now and years to come.

Speaking of things to do, you can read all kinds of travel blogs on the stuff that everyone talks about – Mavericks, Pumpkin Festival, Hiking and Biking, the beaches – but even more treasures are found by getting to know the local folk and chatting about some cool find they just discovered right around the corner…or have been enjoying for years.

My Special Find to share:  Not so new, really, but you’d never know about it just driving through the industrial-eclectic Princeton.  Take a trip to the Trojak/Knier Winery for a local experience with some fun and knowledgeable guys.  Their small tasting room is right here in Half Moon Bay and their award winning wines are worth the wait.  I know this from personal experience.  Call in advance and tell Eric I sent you (650) 728-3613.  Or… stop in Coastside Market in Moss Beach (Pinot only), The Princeton Pantry or HMB Wine & Cheese to find it.   Local restaurants Cafe Gibraltar and Flavor also serve Trojak/Knier wines.

Serene Coastal Path

Photo Credit:  Barbara Masek Photography.  Photo taken in Moss Beach above Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.