My El Granada Bathroom – a touch of sea glass

She’s a gem of a person.  I recently met her over the hill in a craft store as I was looking for a glass container to fill with sea glass for my bathroom vanity.   Sea glass to be found too.  Before I even needed to take another shopping trip my new friend had pulled this filled glass container together for me!   Thanks also to another friend Lisa Fahrbach (also the designer) for this perfectly simple idea when she stopped by.

My bathroom remodel continues to be a work in progress, though mostly done…finally!  The delay was not through anyone’s fault but my own.  I find it interesting that I can help my clients make all kinds of difficult decisions but I can’t select a piece of tile or color for my own house for anything.  The minutiae in the decision-making process is just too overwhelming for me – so I bring in the pros when it makes sense.

Rewind almost a year and we find ourselves with a gutted space and a tub boxed in the garage with no direction.  I finally told my designer and contractor – give me a bathroom asap!  They did…whew…and now I’m in the finishing touches phase.  As you know, I pride myself on excellent referrals, so let me know if you need a great service provider in the Half Moon Bay Coastside area.

So coincidentally as I’m looking for the glass container in the store, another shopper overheard and said she has sea glass if I was interested.  There began a series of communications that led to this beautiful display.

Thank you to my new friend and sea glass collector.  Happy beach combing.

Now I just need something on the wall above the toilet.  Any ideas for me are welcome!!

To learn more about sea glass, the Sea Glass Journal highlights different types of glass and shares upcoming events.  Also, local San Mateo County Coastside sea glass artists Sue and Carol have been collecting sea glass for over 20 years and truly love the concept of making recycled art.  Check out their sea glass jewelery and sea glass sun catchers at Two Sisters Artistry!