Picture perfect ocean bluffs, thanks to non-profit group

When I walk the ocean bluffs, I am always running into our greater-peninsula neighbors taking time out for a visit to the Coast.  I sometimes wonder if our coastal guests know what is involved in keeping the open space land pristine.  I admit neglecting to share some of this information when I’m touring clients.  As I have said before, this is another reason I write this blog – to keep you informed on tons of goodies about living here.

This enjoyment – walking, hiking, biking, picnicking, bird-watching, painting, photography, or just being alone – by many from near and far happens on protected lands purchased and managed by one of San Mateo County’s local non-profits, Coastside Land Trust.  Here are 10 important tidbits that I just read in their 2011 Annual Report and want to share:

  1. Coastside Land Trust (CLT) acquired fifty-six (56) new ocean bluff-top parcels in 2011.
  2. CLT manages 1035 acres along the San Mateo County Coast.
  3. Off-road vehicles damaged wavecrest land last year; numerous volunteers and other organizations rallied to repair and restore the land back to its prairie habitat.
  4. An Art Gallery at the CLT offices opened last September featuring local landscape artists; the Gallery became part of the new Half Moon Bay South on Main Arts (HMB SOMA).  Gallery Art Show Opening is July 4, 2012.
  5. CLT offers an outdoor education program to students, called Junior Land Stewards.
  6. The internship program grew to six (6) university and graduate student interns from respected local universities such as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Humboldt State, San Francisco State, and U.C. Irvine.
  7. Nicotine in cigarette butts makes them little poison pellets that can kill small aquatic creatures when the butts wash into waterways.  Two thousand (2,000) cigarette butts were collected at one clean up event.
  8. This year they are using technology to streamline the property inspections to provide greater accuracy in tracking plants, soils, trails and usage.
  9. Hawks and owls use ocean bluff-tops as a winter feeding ground.
  10. Restoration workdays are now twice a month – the first Saturday and third Wednesday, 10am-12noon.  Meet at CLT office, 788 Main Street, Half Moon Bay.

Fresh air…wild flowers…ocean breezes…priceless.

The San Mateo County Coastside.