A Passion for Animals

I’m surrounded by the effect animals have on our lives.  Currently the issue is the birds whose lifestyle has been tragically assaulted by the Cosco Busan accident.  As we’ve all been reading, the ripple effect has been enormous.  It really hit home for me watching the few lucky birds finally being released into our own Pillar Point Harbor.  Were my feelings because our community was a safe place for the birds to be released or was it because I am an incurable animal lover?…perhaps a combination of both.

I’m reminded of the enormous support for animal rescue during Katrina.  I would read up to the minute stories on animal rescue blog sites – back then not fully understanding the power of the blog as an effective means of timely communication.

Here’s the blog from the International Bird Rescue Research Center website.  Sounded far away to me, but when I looked deeper into the site, their tech person is a local guy who is getting up close details on the bird rescue efforts by his blogging.

There is lots of local support for animal rescue.  I even read that local community members, binoculars in hand, were on watch for birds that may have ended up in our waters in need of rescue.  Here are 4 resources that I know of who can help if you know someone who has to give up a pet or if a stray pet or litter has been found and needs temporary foster care.

Companions-in-Waiting – 650-328-0474

WKODIT (stands for What Kind of Dog Is That?!).  Based in La Honda.  650-747-9650

Bay Area Animal Rescue.  Call 650-712-8218 or email [email protected]

Peninsula Humane Society(PHS) – 650-340-7022

Also see the Half Moon Bay Review’s “Pet of the Week”, featuring an adoptable animal from one of these non-profit organizations.  This campaign has been running almost 2 years and lots of local animals have found their forever homes.  (As we know from real estate, photos sell!)  A December edition highlights all (or as many as they can fit in) of the advertised animals that have been rescued during the year.  Look for it next month – very fun to see!