Landlords: Ideas for your rentals

As it becomes more difficult to buy a house, rents naturally go up.  If you are a landlord you may do some upgrading in between tenants.

Before you replace the carpet, again, consider a nice large tile.  To warm up the room, visit a local flooring store to purchase a remnant the size you need and have the edges finished.  You will be helping the environment, the health of your tenant and adding greater value to your investment.  Also you can change the colors out more easily.

Consider low or no-VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions paint when repainting.  The demand is building, use it and your tenants will appreciate, especially if they understand.  VOC’s were used to make the paint and other paint products easier to use and last longer.  Most major manufacturers now offer a no- or low-VOC paint alternative.

Use compact flourescent light bulbs – ideally for all lights – but especially for exterior.  They last much longer.   Also, you and your tenant will be replacing them much less.  I know the light is not as warm, but I think we are beginning to get more used to them.

Consider getting a Home Energy Rating to evaluate overall performance.  This can be done on new construction and existing homes.  A good rating may also qualify you for a better loan if you are considering refinancing.  Local mortgage consultant Bill Griffis of Wells Fargo in Half Moon Bay is working hard in our community to make 1st and 2nd mortgages for homes that qualify with eco-friendly features more understandable and available.  Check out the article below.



Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)

National Mortgage News Press Release dated 7/30/07:  Wells Does $1 Billion in Green Lending