South Coast

South of Half Moon Bay is a peaceful stretch of Highway 1 lined with fields of produce, flowers and hillsides bordering the Santa Cruz Mountains. Hidden behind the calming country roads lies the opportunity to experience a country lifestyle that is only minutes to Half Moon Bay and less than an hour to Silicon Valley towns, such as Menlo Park, Palo Alto, or Redwood City.

As the cellular bars on your phone spike and dip, you begin to realize that communication with the outside world cannot be counted on and you are whisked back to childhood memories of lazy summer days or adventurous field trips. The people that live in this beautiful part of San Mateo County relish this ready invitation to disconnect from the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

Some roads are more remote than others. The canopies of majestic redwoods create a magical blend of filtered sun and cool breezes. Little signs of life can be seen at the corner country markets dotted around the landscape. Popular destinations such as the 800+ acre Sam McDonald Park (acquired by San Mateo County from Stanford), Memorial Park, Harley Farms, Año Nuevo, Butano State Park, and the beaches are local destinations on their own as well as for international travelers.

If you have thought of a small ranchette, a small country get-away cabin, or a corporate retreat, South Coast has some special properties to offer in a spectacular and accessible location.

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