Each Marketing Plan is customized with a blend of proven and creative activities that showcase not only the home, but also the neighborhood and surrounding community. State-of-the-art tools are available to me as needed for professionally executed marketing success.

Each marketing proposal begins with an outline, followed by the details for each section and a timeline. The sections will include the traditional approaches (MLS, Open Houses, Agent networking, etc.) and cutting edge technology and networking.

The focus is to be prepared for opportunities, listen to the market, and create widespread exposure to the target markets. Therefore, the plan of action maintains flexibility and creativity, as well as collaboration, when it could benefit my client.

From a recent Seller: …”Her expert marketing approach, beyond open houses, along with her team (Theresa) made my house more sellable than I could ever had done….” Peter A.

More benefits for my clients…

  • Member of Buffini Coaching Programs. This membership allows for fantastic referral opportunities across the United States. Periodic events throughout the year encourage face-to-face networking about my Listings and our local market.
  • Member of Top Agent Network (TAN) for San Mateo County’s Multiple Listing Service. Top Agent Network (TAN) is the private online community where the verified top 10% real estate agents in local markets collaborate & exchange valuable Non-MLS information.

Please contact me for an appointment to view samples and track record.

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