Finally off and running!

Welcome to my updated real estate website!!  My site is almost 3 years old now and it was ready for an overhaul.  Here are the major changes that I hope you like:

Community Pages – The right side bar area has FEATURED COMMUNITIES where you will find area-specific information, direct search links to those communities and an archive of blog posts I’ve written about that area.  Here’s the Half Moon Bay page.

MLS Search – What’s new is specific targeted searches linked throughout the Community Pages, and also on the side bar under Neighborhood Listings.  For example, you can search El Granada directly from the El Granada page without having to return to the general search link.  I’ve created a variety of custom searches.  Any of these can be saved and viewed via RSS or email.

As before, this is the complete, unedited, Multiple Listing Service search for the San Mateo County Board of Realtors (MLS Listings, Inc.).  You can search/view by 12 different categories, including single family residence, townhouse/condos, raw land, rentals, and more.  You can also search bank-owned listings (REO) or short sales, or both together.  You can even search by price reduction or days listed.  This is a continuing feature.

Market Trends –  I wanted to give you a tool to watch emerging trends – different (to me) from current trends (found practically everywhere now) since it is just listing data only.  Altos Research is the only company that I know of that provides listing data in this format, by city, for you.  You can sign up to get my reports weekly or monthly.   Here’s the Market Trends page.  I will continue to interpret the data I see out there in my posts.

My Connections – just so you know the groups I’m involved with and where I can be found.

Client – This section is for clients only.  It contains pages that I have written for buyers and sellers working with me.  For now, this section is just beginning.  It is accessed by a password.

Social Media Marketing Links – Keep up with updates and conversations on Coastside Real Estate & Lifestyles on Facebook; for Twitter followers I’m @mochamaniac.  I use LinkedIn for primary business connections, referrals, recommendations and discussions.  In addition I set up a YouTube channel and will add in relevant videos that I find about our communities.  I provide different types of updates on these supporting locations.

Side Bar Categories – These are cleaned up and reorganized.  Article Topics (these are the blog posts I write), and these pages or link categories (formerly blogroll) – Neighborhood Listings, San Mateo County, Recreation and Resources (such as schools and real time news).  These may changed from time to time based on what I write and the new pages I develop.

More may be added as I have time or get feedback.  I hope you enjoy.  This is here to be a valuable resource for you.  Off and running now… (I know this is a picture of a jogger, I just liked it).