A Day in the Life…

…of an “under 5 year” Realtor – Wednesday, Nov 19, 2008

Exercise – my trainer/wellness coach may read this!  🙂

Make lunch for high schooler (I know, I know – I don’t do it every day)

Check email and prep for day

Sadly, had to cancel a 9 a.m. webinar regarding Inbound marketing due to last minute changes in schedule.

Call a client to check in and discuss transaction

Meet Montara friend to discuss/collaborate.  On the way took a picture of PG&E trimming trees to protect their lines on a Montara country road in preparation for winter storms.

Tree trimming on Montara, CA country road

Drive to Diamond Heights, San Francisco

Preview said SF property for a San Diego buyer (by preview, I mean take notes, take pictures, pick up disclosure package as requested)  Loved this custom shoe closet!

Custom shoe closet

Head over to San Ramon for a Round Table I was invited to by one of my mortgage contacts at Mason-McDuffie. Three Realtors were invited to share what’s current in our markets and discuss how to share accurate and timely information to our clients. (more on that later)

Stop at a nearby coffee shop for a decaf mocha and cash for the Bay Bridge

Return to the office to scan and send the 100-200 page disclosure package to San Diego client with notes

Download photos taken and upload to Picassa to privately share with him

Call other clients to catch up and update regarding strategy for listing their home in Spring 2009

Go home to eat and give Monte (our dog) some attention. (I’m not going to tell you what I ate.)

Send two emails to same client that I spoke with in the morning with follow up information

Create a post to my blogsite.  Review notes from today’s meeting for another post to come.  (I got about 5 ideas for blog posts to share with you, and will probably get to 2 of them.  But if we see each other, I have the info in my head.)

Check in with my son (was at practice when I got home)

Start to read Half Moon Bay Review

Didn’t get very far before falling asleep