Clip, Twist, Arrange & Stick – Voila!

The calendar was blocked out one recent Saturday morning so that I could spend a wonderful morning with long time friends at The Clay House in Montara making succulent wreaths!  We made them now so that they will be a little more filled in by the Holidays.  One of the organizers used Martha’s instructions as a guide, then bought the supplies and a few plants and we all split the cost.  We were to all bring succulent cuttings from our gardens.  Doing it this way, it cost us $17 each to make a wreath.

On prior Martha Stewart projects I would sometimes attempt, I have found her instructions to be for the natural born crafter, of which I’m not.  So I was happy when we started by making one together to see what “worked” and what didn’t.  Then we each began on our own wreaths.

We cut the 24 inch wide wire roll into 8 inch lengths, filling it with moistened sphagnum moss and soil, then closing the wire together, bending it into the wreath shape and securing the ends.  I know it sounds easy, and it is.  The hardest part – basically requiring a little patience and manual dexterity, oh, and close-up vision – was securing the wire together.  A small pair of pliers does the job.  We used chopsticks to poke holes in the wreath, but as the instructions say, you could use a pencil or screwdriver.

It took about 2 hours to make our wreaths, including laughter, sharing stories, helping each other, and admiring along the way.

This is what I made.  If I can do it, anyone can!

 Marian’s wreath made at the Clay House - with a little help…

Thank you to Clay House team!

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