Cell phones, Twitter, change business-as-usual

Since the new cell phone laws go into effect on July 1, I’ve been keeping new technology, Twitter, on the horizon ready to jump on – at least in some minor capacity – at some point.  Now may be that time.  However, I guess I’m not alone…as I tried to log in a minute ago, here’s the message I received…

Now I know why, having just scanned one of my favorite sites, Transparent Real Estate.  I can usually find what’s really going on at TransparentRE.  Here’s apparently why Twitter may be down now from Pat Kitano’s post of 5/26/08:

“Twitter.com isn’t actually the primary recipient of its web traffic, Larry Dignan @ ZDNet says 90% of Twitter traffic are its API calls. On the negative side, Twitter now has famous network down times because too many users are accessing Tweeter via those applications.”

I keep up to date on new technologies from my internet marketing gurus, Pat Kitano and Kevin Boer at 3 Oceans Real Estate.  Thanks to you both for helping us stay at the top of our game!  I plan on joining the Real Estate Connect 2008 Twitter group – which will be my first experience with real-time communication with colleagues while at a conference.  Talk about being connected.  Here’s some specifics from the Inman site:

Hope to connect with you at the Inman event next month.

CHP Wireless Telephone Laws FAQ – Effective July 1, 2008