New Blogroll Contact

Check out Transparent Real Estate if you’re not already familiar with it.  Author Pat Kitano was actually my very first contact into blogging…  The most ironic thing is that I had been subscribing to his site, that I just happened to stumble upon back in early 2007, for about 6 months before I met him at a Coldwell Banker sponsored event.  The room was packed and for two hours Pat and Domus Consulting partner Kevin Boer, also of 3OceansRealEstate, filled our heads with cool cutting edge info & tactics that agents may want to think about embracing is our rapidly evolving industry.  In other words, keep up or be left behind.  Our real estate clients and customers deserve a more transparent real estate industry; it seems to be on the way.

The challenge with real estate transparency is that our industry has historically been closed and confusing to those outside the industry.  There are reasons for confidentiality certainly and that will not change.  All clients want their interests protected and should expect such.  However, there are many aspects that can be communicated much more clearly and Pat’s site offers an enormous range of content, including industry news, real estate technology, thought leadership, marketing strategy, and more.