We get a Rise out of Fall: Part 3 of 3

I’m squeaking this final 3rd Part in a few weeks before the end of Fall!…With the help of Eric at Oceanshore Hardware on Main Street, I am reminded of the Fall chores to get us ready before Jack Frost makes his appearance. Ok, how can we make this fun?  Yeah, right.

If you have just one day, or half day, to get ready for the winter season, here’s the short list:

Winterize the house – We are very fortunate that in our part of the country “winterize” means check the exterior of the house (you can do this once a year!) with pen & paper, tape recorder, whatever works for you – make note of the to do’s while you walk around the outside.If you do this every year, you will notice the things that are in need of repair before too much damage has been done.  You probably already know what to look for but Eric reminds us –

  1. check the roof
  2. clear out the gutters
  3. make sure the downspouts are in place and directed away from the house
  4. replace smoke detector batteries
  5. check expiration date on fire extinguishers
  6. check weather stripping around doors and windows
  7. check outdoor lightbulbs

Sellers, don’t forget to check on your rentals or vacant properties for these things.  Contact me if you need names & numbers for handymen or professional inspectors.