Length of Time on Market: Seller’s Motivation

Is a homeowner really interested in selling when their house has been on the market for nearly a year or more?  Putting your house on the market is not a walk in the park these days like it was in recent times – now past.  A seller may not understand their TRUE motivation .  The real reasons sometimes present themselves after the umpteenth open house with no forthcoming offer.  Some people come to the conclusion that selling isn’t what they want to do after all.


I’ve learned the difference between wanting to sell and needing to sell.  For these properties below, all under $1 million, something is keeping them on the market.  It is not the need to sell.  Simply wanting to sell is fine; perhaps that motivation is to “test” the market, or get top dollar…but not in a market like the one we are in.  If buyers aren’t coming, the seller needs to adjust.  Sellers that feel they can’t adjust because of loan constraints are in a difficult place.  Their strategy will have to be unique to their circumstances.


Now with new lending guidelines and the Fall Season in full swing, some sellers are more motivated than ever OR they are getting out of the market.  Seven listings expired today alone on the Coastside, and that is not including withdrawns or cancellations.


Address – City – Days on Market – Current List Price – Area

14 Martin’s Beach*

Half Moon Bay



South of Town

16 Pinehurst

Half Moon Bay



Ocean Colony

1591 Sunshine Valley Rd

Moss Beach



Sunshine Valley

931 Wave

Moss Beach



MB Heights

601 Silver

Half Moon Bay



Highland Park

322 Cabrillo**

El Granada



Lower EG

* On leased land.. 

**No longer active as of this morning’s market check.


If you are a seller in this market, do you really want to sell?  If you are a buyer in this market, don’t wait for the price to drop, just make an offer if it’s a property you want.  If you are a Realtor (r) in this market, you are working!