Locale: Buyer Decision tips

The home buyer dilemna goes on between living on the east or west side of Highway 1.  The real differences seem to be whether you want to walk to town (if you are in Half Moon Bay) without crossing the highway…or if you want to walk to the beach without crossing the highway.  Crossing the highway where cars are cruising at 50+ mph is not the same as crossing a neighborhood 25 mph zone.

Plus, there are only a few sidewalks to safely (with a light) allow highway crossing: Highway 1 at Kelly, at Hwy 92 & at Main in downtown Half Moon Bay, also at Frenchman’s Creek; Coronado Rd in El Granada; Capistrano Road in El Granada/Princeton; none in Moss Beach and none in Montara.  That is 6 safe crossings in a 10 mile stretch.  There is a crosswalk without a light at Hwy 1 and Filbert in HMB.  When it comes to choosing a neighborhood to settle down in, here are a few things to keep in mind.
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East of Highway 1:
Some neighborhoods are hillier with lots of trees
Some neighborhoods have incredible views
Some neighborhoods are a little more protected, equating to a little warmer
Some neighborhoods offer more land and room for horses, agriculture, etc.
Middle School located in downtown Half Moon Bay
High School located in downtown Half Moon Bay
Private 1-8 School in Half Moon Bay (Seacrest)
Elementary School in El Granada (El Granada Elementary)
Private Elementary School in El Granada (Wilkinson’s)
Elementary School in Montara (Farallone View)

Very close proximity to the beaches
Very close proximity to the Coastal Trail (Half Moon Bay & El Granada)
Some Moss Beach neighborhoods very close to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
Can be a little cooler and windier
The salt air can be a little harsh on a house’s finishes
Some neighborhoods offer rare oceanfront properties
Most neighborhoods offer level parcels
Many of the ocean views are from the second story
Elementary school in Half Moon Bay (Hatch)
Princeton Harbor in El Granada for boats, fresh fish, live/work, industrial

The easiest neighborhoods to get back and forth – if that is important, are:
in Half Moon Bay:  Alsace Lorraine, Old Town Half Moon Bay (Spanishtown), Frenchman’s Creek, Miramar
in El Granada:  lower El Granada, Clipper Ridge

Another article to come:  Best neighborhoods to walk to coffee!