We Get a Rise out of Fall – Part 2 of 3

Ah, the Pumpkin Festival!  Here’s a behind the scenes peek from this family, but first a brief background…

The Pumpkin Festival is a community fundraiser that started back in the early 70’s and is organized by the Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee.  The committee organizes the planning of each facet of the event – vendors, entertainment, food booths, contests, everything.

“Since the festival’s inception, the committee has contributed 1.3 million dollars to various civic projects and community service organizations. This year, over $80,000 was awarded to 23 non-profit, school and municipal agencies.”  From the HMB Chamber of Commerce.

The food booths are manned by local organizations who sell food (keep in mind we are a town that loves good food) to earn money for their cause.  You will find hundreds of local parents and kids “working” the Pumpkin Festival.  We’ve worked shifts for the elementary schools, clubs, and sports organizations.  Since my son is on the high school basketball team, we will be helping with that food booth. 

The Basketball Team sponsors the famous Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast, with pumpkin pancakes, sausages, OJ, coffee and all the trimmings.  Those “in the know” get there early because they know the line can back up for blocks during peak serving times.  And who is doing the serving?? – parents and the players!  Some very dedicated and organized parents work for months to make the serving of 1800 breakfasts over 2 days look easy.  Thousands of dollars is raised to help the HMB High Varsity Basketball Team get to know each other and their coaches better by taking a trip to a far away tournament during the Holiday Season.  This kind of trip only happens every other year.

Donations are flowing in to our fearless Team Chairperson, Debbie Silveria, including 400 lbs. of sausages, pumpkin mix, and this year’s much anticipated donation, Peet’s from the new Peet’s Coffee in town.  If you are inclined, Debbie still needs the following:  duct tape, paper towels, Clorox wipes, liquid hand soap, 45 gallon trash bags, large sterno, and small aluminum pans.  Make your donation via a comment here or call Debbie at 650-728-3135.  You can also contact me and I’ll get the goods or info to Debbie.

I’ll be there on Saturday morning the 14th probably up to my eyeballs in batter, juice, or sausages. If you’re around, come check out why the Pancake Breakfast is so popular!Pancakes, Yum!

p.s.  If you come, arrive early and be prepared to put on your “go with the flow” hat.  You won’t be alone.