Earth friendly Lifestyles recognized at Eco-Energy Expo

They came from all over the Bay Area – Sunnyvale, San Francisco, San Bruno and as far away as Castro Valley.  While most visitors who stopped by our booth were Coastsiders, the several hundred who enjoyed the 2nd annual Eco-Energy Expo in Half Moon Bay did not go away empty-handed, either of knowledge or goodies!Compact Flourescent Flavored Ice Cream Cones

Since this is a real estate blog, one of the most exciting features of this event is the Solar Home Tour.  Fifteen homes showcased their solar and other green home improvements.  These homeowners have grabbed ahold of the 21st century and are incorporating green products and services into their lifestyle.   Then they graciously allowed the rest of us to take a peek at the result of their research, work, and investment of time and money to improve their homes and community.

So what was our booth all about?…there’s an EcoBroker in town!  At our little table, we gave out compact flourescent lightbulbs from a beautiful recycled bowl, and offered a sheet with the site so those interested know where to find out more.  Susie Hughey-Haas, my business partner, recently received this certification.  She had her well worn text books available for perusal and we talked to our curious booth visitors until our throats were parched.  We had so much fun that the 4-hour event flew by.

This is a new real estate continuing education designation within the last year or two.  Susie decided to take the course when we were asked to list a new construction “green” home last year.  We did anything and everything we could to learn eco-anything as fast as possible to market this incredible property.  One of the many exciting new developments that we learned from this course is a hopefully growing availability of Energy Efficiency Mortgages.  So, in the process of working on this Listing, in addition to everything else that we do to bring exposure to a Listing, Susie studied for this certification and I wrote articles from what we learned that were published in the local newspaper.

Go green!

p.s.  The house sold and was one of the showcase homes on the Solar Home Tour this year.