The New E-Pro

Having been in real estate for a few years now, it became apparent that the Realtors of the future will understand how to maximize the powers of the web to better serve their clients’ needs. Enter the E-Pro, a Realtor who has completed a course of study to better understand the ever-growing use of the internet for the real estate business. And yes, I just completed the course.

Consumers want and need tech-saavy Realtors, even if the less tech-oriented clients don’t know it. The industry is going through a major shift, certainly. The real estate information available to consumers is out there… about time! I was not a Realtor when the information was closely held in hard copy binders of brokerage offices.

I believe another part of your Realtor’s value is making sense of all the information and to communicate to you the parts that are relevant to that client’s situation. Also, when it comes time to buy or sell a house, I still believe consumers want to work with someone who knows their local market, knows how to protect their client by clearly explaining the contract and ever changing disclosures, and knows how to competently close escrow, which I liken to landing an airplane (even though I’ve never landed an airplane, it’s what I imagine it to be like.)

This is my first blog so I’m keeping it short!