Enjoy Your Gas Fireplace

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco“, well, there is some truth to that.  Since we’re about 20 miles south of the City on the Coast, we experience similar weather patterns at times.  Those of us who are not traveling to warmer parts all summer may be cozying up to our fireplaces on cool gray nights.

Converting to gas is considered a hot (no pun intended) fireplace trend for 2014.  If you have a gas fireplace that is new or that you haven’t used in a while, this video shares some tips on what your nose should and shouldn’t anticipate for healthy enjoyment.  This is also very useful if you are thinking of selling.  The first part of the video is about newly installed gas fireplaces; starting at 2:07 is about previously installed gas fireplaces.

Local gas fireplaces shops on the Peninsula are listed below.  The cities are where the showroom is located.  Contact them to confirm the areas they serve, however, I suspect most if not all of them serve the entire SF Peninsula and the Half Moon Bay – Coastside communities.  We used ABA.

ABA HEARTH & HOME – San Carlos



Imagine…an ocean view, crashing waves, a good book or a glass of wine, and a warm fire nearby.  The best of beach living awaits.  Please note that an ocean view is not required to fully enjoy a warm fireplace!

Source:  Houzz “Modern Tranquility”