How to Simply Stage a Bed

It’s all about the pillows…they’re the sprinkles on the cupcake or the bling of a high-tech dashboard…you get the picture – the little extra can cost next to nothing or make a dent (no pun intended).  We love a crisp, finished look in a bedroom.  You don’t need to spend much money to achieve a luxurious feeling.  In my opinion, the key is the pillows.  You may have them in other parts of the house already.  This is what I have learned over the years and what I do to create a beautiful simple look.  Do I do this in my own home all the time?  No.  Do I make sure pillow-staging is done for every home I sell?  Yes.  I’ve heard the look below called “2-2-1”.  Tips like this are ideal for the DIY homeowner-stager.  First, here is an example of what the finished bed looks like:

Photo:  houzz=

Items needed:

1) Two 26 x 26 pillows or “inserts”.  They can be found at Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and places like that.

2) Two 26 x 26 pillow cases to cover the decorative pillows, called shams.  You will see this terminology when you are pillow shopping.

3) Two 20 x 26 standard pillows that are the same size for a double/queen; 20 x 36 for a king.

4) Two 20 x 26 standard pillow shams to cover the second layer of 20 x 26 (or larger for king) pillows.  European (“Euro”) shams may have an extra decorative ruffle or fabric around the border.

5) a smaller accent pillow or bolster for the third layer in a coordinating color.

To Cover:

These are called the “shams” or “pillow shams”, as mentioned above.  Get coordinating bedding if you don’t already have it and your Realtor advises as a worthwhile expense.  If you already have the bedspread or duvet cover, take it to the store with you to make sure the colors and patterns coordinate on the pillow sham fabric.


Put the two square pillows/shams at the back of the bed against the headboard, then the two standard pillow shams next, then the single accent pillow.  If you have a king sized bed, you might want 3 along the back.

Here is another look with the back two pillows a standard 18 x 18 or 20 x 20 size, that can also be used for a sofa or chair.

Source:  houzz=
Houzz is a great size for sellers to get ideas on how to create that finished look for prospective buyers.  One thing I do for each Listing is create a Houzz folder of ideas that I want to remember.
For me it serves two purposes:
1) Ideas for staging when I see a style or look I think fits with the house;
2) I can show houses of a similar style and layout to buyers to help visualize what decorative improvements will look like, and likely add value in the future.

Feel free to share your pillow and DIY staging ideas…