Tunnels Open!

It was pretty exciting to drive the long-awaited Tom Lantos Tunnel on Devil’s Slide today for the first time!  I took a quick video of the southbound trip, coming back from Pacifica.  Actually, I was in Marin seeing my 91 year old aunt.  I reset the trip odometer and noted 27 miles from Corte Madera to El Granada mid afternoon in 45 minutes.

For the last few years, people asked me what impact I thought the tunnel would have on the Coastside.  I always said “time will tell” and that I thought it certainly would not hurt.  (more on that topic related to housing prices in another post.)  Driving it for the first time today, I can honestly say I think it will have a big impact.  The drive was the best of convenience, beauty and views…simply amazing.

The opening was announced with heavy regional press coverage.  Here’s just one article to give a little perspective from the San Mateo Daily Journal.