Coastside Senior Center & HMB Garden Club Collaboration

As I did my Saturday morning errands, I noticed that the streets, stores and parking lots were buzzing with activity.  The morning fog and drizzle isn’t dampening anyone’s spirits, especially since most of the week was quite warm.  It is also the first weekend following the Pumpkin Festival, so locals were in back-to-normal mode preparing for upcoming events, shopping, parties, visiting with neighbors and simply having a good time.

I went downtown to pick up some Artichoke-Pesto bread from Moonside Bakery as a hostess gift for later today.  I happened to see two of my neighbors selling plants at the Coastside Adult Day Health Center  parking lot.  That’s them in the photo.  Just found out that they are involved in the Half Moon Bay Garden Club.  The Club has worked out a win-win with the Adult Day Health Center to help maintain their garden and plants in exchange for use of a conference room for Garden Club meetings where guest speakers can visit.  What a great collaboration!

I bought a good sized Italian Parsley plant (for my Winter Vegetable Soup this weekend), a flowering succulent, and another unknown plant?? for $3.50.  Here’s to supporting local green thumbs and our fabulous senior community.

Have a great Autumn Saturday!