Montara, Moss Beach Water Hook-ups

I just read a new Deed restriction that I hadn’t seen before.  It is identified as an Exception on the Preliminary Title Report, called “Notice and Agreement Regarding Potable Water Service“.  It had to do with water hook-up requirements for a home where drinking water to the home is served by an existing well.  The seller provides the Preliminary Title Report and exceptions to Title coverage in the seller’s disclosure package.  It is up to the buyer to read and understand them.

The document states that the home owner is required to apply for a public water hook-up when it becomes available through the Montara Water & Sanitary District.  This is important because the hook-ups recently became available following a 30 year moratorium.

The requirements in the document are in full force and effect at this time, which means Montara Water & Sanitary District can send a letter to the homeowner at any time requesting that they connect to the public utility.

The current cost of a typical 5/8 inch water connection right now is about $14,000, so with additional fees would total about $20,000.  Additional fees may be imposed depending on the size of the home and distance to the main line extension.

If you are a buyer considering a Moss Beach or Montara home that is currently served by well water, this could represent an additional expense for you sometime down the distant or not-so-distant road.  Not all houses with wells may be affected, so please contact the District if you want to know more.

This is general information for your knowledge and education.  Specific information related to your own property or a property you are considering to purchase should be verified with representatives of Montara Water & Sanitary District and your Realtor.

Well Owner Resource:  You can contact Montara Water & Sanitary District to have your water sample tested for quality.  You will be able to take advantage of the cheaper District testing rates.  The results are owned by the homeowner, not the District.  Contact MWSD for more information.  You can also find an article about this service titled “Water Quality for Everyone” in their Fall 2011 Newsletter, which is linked on their website.


CDC – Well Testing

California Department of Water Resources