Housing Big Picture – reality show

As you know, I rarely take others videos to post on my site.  I’m posting this one because this is the only video I’ve seen where the guest is sharing an accurate summary of our current national housing market.  (sorry in advance for the ads, it came from a search site).    To summarize, the guest addresses what is one everyone’s mind:  Are We at the Bottom of the Market?  He also touches on all the major factors that are currently a force in the housing market and how buyers now need to view their home purchases.  Once you have seen the video, I’ve attached a couple links on the local San Mateo County Coastal housing market.  This site is ALL about the Half Moon Bay area housing market (and more).  In a nutshell, our market is clearly in transition.  This may be the best time for you to sell, or to buy, or do nothing; however, those current homeowners and prospective homeowners clearly need to do their homework.


Source:  Yahoo Daily Ticker May 10, 2012