HMB-Coastal Open House Activity Last Weekend 10/10/2011

I’m gathering this information for an interested party, so I thought I would share this with my readers too.   We all know real estate is local, so when a local agent says a “good” open house is 10 parties, don’t think we aren’t marketing our properties far and wide.  We market down the street, around the SF Bay and State of CA, nationwide and the world.  Half Moon Bay and surrounding towns make up a tiny pocket of San Mateo County tucked behind the mountain range on Westside Highway 92.  Here’s the rundown from yesterday’s open houses in our market –


  • Eagle Trace, Ocean Colony, HMB – 5 parties
  • 2nd Street, Miramar, HMB – 9 parties
  • 4th Street, Montara – 5 parties
  • Railroad (oceanfront), HMB – 12 parties (1st open house)
  • Jenna, HMB – 2 parties
  • Miramar Dr, HMB – 3 parties
  • Linda Vista, Moss Beach Heights, Moss Beach – 1 party
  • Antoinette, Kehoe/Casa Del Mar neighborhood, HMB – 7 parties
  • 3rd Street, Montara – 3 parties
  • Ventura, Miramar, HMB – 3 parties

Open House visitors mainly come from neighbors looking for an out of state or out of country family member or friend; relocating professionals who will be working anywhere from San Francisco to Silicon Valley (Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos), and everywhere in-between;  lifestyle movers who used to live here and are returning because they want to be in a cooler climate as they age, or finally have the money to get that ocean view home.

Other than the first Open House, the traffic is typically 2-5 groups; 5+ is very good; and 10+ is GREAT!

Do you find Open Houses useful?