Fireworks at the Beach in San Mateo County 2011

Fireworks at the beach is tons of fun!  You bring blankets, folding chairs, hot chocolate or another favorite warm drink, snacks, and a camera.

Our kids grew up with “beach fireworks”. I remember the year Grandma (my mom) sat in our car’s front seat with our 6 month old, Chris, while we were outside on a blanket with Laurel. Some of their (college aged) friends will be back for the local show, but my kids won’t be here this year to see it.

The 2011 show to be launched near Surfer’s Beach in El Granada is being greatly anticipated.  After last year’s show had to be cancelled due to lack of enough fundraising, this year’s efforts started early and diligently. Don’t we sometimes realize what is missed when it is no longer there?  The Coastside’s show is privately funded by local business and individuals. It is not a part of the City’s budget.

With the weather sunny and clear this weekend, many people are leaving their hotter-than-comfortable houses and coming to Half Moon Bay and Princeton’s beaches, shops and bike trails along the San Mateo County Coast!  The towns are a buzz with visitors ready for summer to be in full swing.

If you plan to visit too, be prepared for some traffic, or some waits at popular restaurants.  We’re not talking San Francisco traffic or even mid-peninsula traffic; just perhaps more cars than usual for single lane (in each direction) Highway 1.  Sunny weekends can be popular, and for good reason.  Be careful where you park, as there will be some additional parking signs in preparation for the fireworks show. Also, some neighborhoods have permitted parking.  Lower El Granada (across from Princeton Harbor), especially, gets crowded as sun begins to set in anticipation of the almost annual light show. In and around Burnham Strip is popular for viewing, but again pay attention to the signs.

If you want to Bar-B-Que, Ocean View Park in Half Moon Bay is a good stop for family grill time, but I suspect you will need to get there early as grills and tables are limited. Grilling is not allowed on the beaches. Rest assured there will be plenty of beach-side grilling going on whether you’re at the HMB Yacht Club BBQ, American Legion Coastside, or the Bark-B-Q at Cameron Dog Park.  Plus the Parade on Main Street will start at 12 noon, so plan your grilling around that for even more fun.

Tomorrow there will be smoke in the air, color in the sky, smiles on our faces, and thanks in our hearts.  Enjoy 2011 4th of July with yours…

The Coastside Fireworks Display 2011 is only one of two shows in San Mateo County this year.  The other that I know of this year is in Foster City at Leo Ryan Park.

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