Review of 2011’s “real estate un-leashed”

“The real estate industry is unique in a way that it gets impacted by a lot of stuff that happens outside the industry…”

This easy to read but densely packed book provides the real estate professional, buyers, sellers, and anyone fascinated with this industry, a “big picture” overview of historical economic, housing and lending trends as they relate to what is happening now and, most importantly, what we can expect to look forward to in the future! The authors also share real world ideas and resources to guide us through our changing industry and help us to understand the complex and influential factors in both the real estate and lending industries to support our day to day businesses and the clients we serve.  I found the combined expertise mingled with the to-do’s a refreshing way to educate and inspire.

For both newer and more seasoned Realtors, you will find Big Picture chapter presented in a clear and concise manner.  Their summary of what transpired from the Industrial Era into our current Internet age are well presented and highlighted with graphs and visuals.  A perfect stage for what is to come…

The discussion of Present and Future of Economy is eye-opening – and I’m so glad it’s not written like a dry textbook.  I also love the overview on the American Dream…why are you buying a house?  Who are buying houses?  Is it houses that we will still be buying?  On a related but different topic, the authors point out the new game players that go well beyond our individual clients’ competition on main street, such as banks, investor groups, and more.

You will also get historical and up-to-the minute discussions of real estate hot topics including affordability, foreclosure trends, and net worth tied to housing – and a similar overview for the lending industry.  For Realtors, the lending sections are topics that we should be discussing with our mortgage contacts/partners on a regular basis anyway, though I suspect many are not.  You will get current details on different types of loans, learn about types of client niches, how to make web marketing work for you,  and business development tips and tools.  You’ve got a quick read with a powerful plan of action in a succinct book.

In my opinion, combining the brain power of Bay Area real estate veteran and consultant, Ms. Rodoni, and a dynamic business person and mortgage professional, Mr. Shekhar gives us a collaborative perspective that is greater than the sum of its parts.  I’ve attended several Carole Rodoni presentations over the years.  Anyone who has ever heard her speak leaves feeling as if their brain is about to explode (I mean this in a good way).  Her rich knowledge is expressed articulately and at rapid-fire speed, so you better keep up!  I’ve known Shashank for a couple years now, becoming friends when it became clear that our business ideas, values, and enthusiasm were on the same page.  Shashank is one of the most intelligent, giving industry professionals I have ever met…and he writes and speaks for us all to benefit from too!

By the way, the book launch will be at the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors on Friday, February 11, 2-4 pm; and San Mateo County Board of Realtors on Tuesday, February 15, 3-4 p.m. to get the book first and meet the authors.  If you don’t want to wait,  get the paperback version HERE.  Buy on Amazon HERE.