Half Moon Bay history comes alive this weekend!

The Johnston Sitting Room - Coastal Theme

You’ve seen the “Traditions & Legends” postcards around town, but what you may not know is that it takes a dedicated volunteer team of local women, Lauren Goodrich, Mary Bettencourt and Liz Allison (and their elves), to create the magical feeling when you walk through the historical entry to The Johnston House in Half Moon Bay.  They work on this all year!  It’s open only two November weekends, and this weekend is the last one this year.  Almost 400 people strolled through last weekend, even with the rain last Sunday!  This is the 2nd and final weekend…open tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday  11/13 & 11/14 from 10-4.

The Johnston Holiday House is in its 10th Year and has become another local event that many SF Bay Area folks drive up the little knoll off Highway 1 to see.   Thanks to a friend, I was able to get a sneak peak and take a few pictures for you before getting to my volunteer shift this weekend. 

Visit for the history and knowledge of a San Mateo County historical landmark… stay for the the creative display of themed rooms, the unique gifts from 35+ local and regional artists of all kinds, and festive food.  Get inspired and take in the feast to your senses!

The $10 donation goes to benefit the non-profit The Johnston House Foundation.  The proceeds maintain the property throughout the year. 

One of my favorite rooms is the Pumpkin/Harvest room.  How many pumpkin gift items can you find in a single place?!  You will discover harvest-related items sprinkled throughout the home, such as the novel Santa Gourds in the Parlor.  The handmade succulent wreaths are spectacular when you find one (hint: there are only a handful located in various places throughout).  Look at the detail (especially the beard) on the one-of-a-kind Santas that are made by a local artist.

I am continually amazed by talents of Half Moon Bay-Coastsiders; they seem to offer more creative and unique works every year, and I’ve been here 22 years.  It must be our fresh air!  Check out the gallery of photos I took yesterday…

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p.s.  I bought 4 tickets as a donation and gave them to my favorite concierge at the HMB Ritz for her guests.  Say “Hi” to Kelli and take in the views while you’re there.