Stucco not scary to locals

Stucco is a common exterior finish in northern California.  Exterior Insulation and Finish System, or EIFS for short, is a misunderstood stucco product.  If you are a seller with a relocation buyer, don’t be offended or surprised if questions are asked about your stucco.  Don’t take it personally!  It’s not your house they’re worried about, it’s the possibility of EIFS in any stucco finished house they plan to buy due to their relocation terms.  This concern stems from relocation companies, in years past, who bought back houses from their transferee clients with improperly installed EIFS, leading to water damage.

A few EIFS and stucco inspection facts I have learned in the last year:
  • EIFS stucco is different from cement stucco.
  • A lay person cannot tell the difference by just looking at it.
  • A Contractor or Home Inspector may be able to tell by doing some simple non-invasive tests.
  • A stucco inspector can tell you conclusively (again without invasive drilling) what kind of stucco is installed on the house.
  • A stucco inspection is not inexpensive.

There are a couple companies I found in the San Francisco Bay Area who do specifically stucco inspections.  If you as the buyer want that peace of mind, get it done.