Make some Coastside memories on July 4th

This is a very local and locally-loved event.  I certainly appreciated our own small town fireworks display more when it wasn’t there…funny how that happens.  The year I read in the Review that the fireworks weren’t going to happen because there wasn’t enough money in the coffer, in 2006, some of us (me!) may have taken for granted that the lights would magically appear in the sky each year on July 4th!  Last year the show was awesome!

I don’t know when it started, but now the local chapter of the American Legion organizes fundraisers each year to raise money for our local fireworks displays.  Here’s the local celebrations and fundraiser activities that I know about:

Friday July 4th, 2008:

(this is a photo I took from a few years ago of one of the floats!  Notice the blue sky, which we’re treated to on some..not all..4ths.)

  • Town picnic, American Legion Post 474, 470 Capistrano Rd., Princeton, 1 p.m.
  • Fireworks, Princeton Harbor at Sunset . . . definitely ON this year according to Bob Resch, Chairman, ALCF, and Owner, Princeton Welding.

Saturday, July 5th, 2008:

American Legion’s Commitment to Coastside Fireworks

Tips for enjoying the fireworks on San Mateo County coast’s Princeton Harbor:

Walk to viewing distance if possible.  Parking along Highway 1 near Surfer’s Beach/El Granada is usually prohibited.  Bring flashlight, blankets or folding chairs, binoculars if you want, a neighbor or two.  Bring or wear layers…the ocean is right in front of you.  Remember to keep the pets in a safe and secure place.

The harbor view homeowners (mainly in lower El Granada, (El Granada) Highlands and Miramar) need only set up chairs on the deck or porch for the best seats.  If you find you must have one of these homes in the short or long term, you can do an area search of these neighborhoods. 

Sometimes the sky is clear and sometimes we’re watching the light show through the fog.  You might ask, why would you sit there in the cold and watch fireworks covered in fog??  You’d have to be a local to understand that one!