The young and restless meet Dr. Welby

We don’t like to go to the doctor.  Twenty- and thirty-somethings especially don’t.  Of course you’re healthy, fit, invincible, able to scale mountains, right?  We certainly hope so, but a check up now and then establishes that valuable baseline that you may appreciate more later in life…trust me on that one.  Getting a financial baseline before buying your first home is equally important.  For many first time home buyers here, it could take a long time to save the money necessary to purchase a home on your own.  It is just darn expensive to live here in San Mateo County.

This may hurt a little:  get a financial diagnosis from an experienced mortgage professional who can explain your loan options to you.  Forget the ads that tout “Find Your Dream Home”.  You are not in that market!  The most important consideration in a fixer is how it’s built – “bones”, lot size, and location. 

Next, get the treatment plan together with a local Realtor.  Realtors commonly have clients’ needs in mind when they tour new listings every Tuesday.  Sometimes great properties do not last long or are sold before they get onto the MLS.  He/she will ask you questions like…

  • Commute considerations – distance, transportation, timing, etc.

  • Lifestyle considerations – are you a surfer (ocean, that is), movie watcher, entertainer?  After all, you will need a break from working on the house from time to time!

  • Finding the right fixer – how much of your free time can you spend improving your new home?  Every night – one day each weekend – once a month? 

Just as you hope to develop a partnership with your medical/health professional with the goal being your overall well-being, create a partnership with a Realtor with the long term goal being homeownership well-being.  Enjoy your journey toward homeownership health and happiness…and keep climbing mountains, or whatever you do to stay fit.