Are you a wave rider?

Don’t ask me why these things come into my head.  Lately, when I think of the current big-picture real estate environment – one day it’s doom and gloom and the next it’s an incredible opportunity – I can’t help comparing it to Mavericks, Half Moon Bay’s celebrity waves.

Some highlights are:

  1. They are both formidable.  Intimidating and overwhelming or tremendous and awesome?

  2. They both demand respect.

  3. Research before you jump into either one.

  4. To get what you want you must move quickly.  Mavericks competitors have 24 hours notice.  Home buyers need to be ready emotionally and financially.  Many people want the same thing; if you’re not ready, it will go to someone who is.

  5. More and more people are watching both of these unfolding phenomena.

  6. If you’re new at EITHER one, don’t go in alone.

There’s more wave action going on in real estate.  It’s called the online real estate wave…the real estate bloggers* are the ones NOW paddling into the biggest industry waves and helping their clients grab hold and lead them into the future of real estate information, transparency, and opportunity.  What a ride!

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