Trekking through Moss Beach

As many of you already know, the “Coastside” section of my site is broken down into lots of local topics of interest, including neighborhoods.  I just finished, well finished enough to get online for you, the Moss Beach neighborhoods page!  Expect updates and embellishments as I move forward with my site.

Back to Moss Beach…I thought a fun way to introduce this page would be to create an “family outing day” in Moss Beach, whether you live here or are passing through.

First you have to pack the beach bag – water, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, sweater or jacket if needed for layering, day pack, snacks, camera, and towels & talc to wipe off sandy feet.  If you bring the dog, don’t forget the extra towels and water.  Water sandals will be handy.

A visit to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is a must for a day trip to Moss Beach.  Once at Fitzgerald Reserve parking lot, take a short hike down to the tidepools.  At low tide, which you want to check, you will be treated to all kinds of beautiful sea life.  The Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve website will give you all the specifics you need to know to plan the best visit for your family or group.  After you’ve explored for a bit, you can set out your picnic lunch on the beach.  Then head over to the bluffs and walk through the cypress trees.  All ages will enjoy this, the younger ones will love to play hide ‘n seek and there’s plenty of room to run and explore.

Head over to Moss Beach Park across the highway at Virginia St. on the east side if you have kids in tow.  If you know the history behind this terrific community asset, you will be even more impressed.  It sure didn’t look like this when I brought my kids there back in the early 90’s.  If you didn’t pack lunch, you could head over to local favorite El Gran Amigo to grab some of the best burritos around.

Of course, if Dad takes charge of the activities and wants to give mom a real treat, she can just walk over to Studio Eight-18 for a rejuvenating massage (but you have to call Scott first to get booked – although new to the Coastside, his calendar is beginning to fill).  Then on to a fun dinner at either HMB Brewing Co., Barbara’s Fish Trap (here’s some Yelp reviews), or Sam’s Chowder House in El Granada.  The dog will be welcome at these places if you eat on the patios.

Have a great day in Moss Beach!

p.s.  If real estate is on your mind, there are currently 12 homes for sale in Moss Beach ranging in list price from $569,900 to $2,500,000.

Moss Beach welcomes you.  Don’t forget to visit the Moss Beach page.

3/22/08 update:  I just found this site “Half Moon Bay Memories & El Granada Observer”.  History buffs will enjoy knowing more about Moss Beach’s rich past from the reminiscing from a local lifetime resident.