Arleta Park Market Update

Half Moon Bay overall inventory trend (for residential single family homes):

What this graph shows is that inventory for single family homes in Half Moon Bay is higher than a year ago, the inventory “peak” within the last year was last November 2007.  Inventory frequently drops toward the end of the year, but the latter part of 2007 was adjusting to the credit crisis and a correcting market – which we’re still doing…  Price adjustments are more common than a few years ago as sellers and agents work to price their homes “at market”.

FOR SALE in Arleta Park as of today, Sunday, March 2, 2008:

  • 7 single family homes
  • 1 townhouse
  • 22 residential lots
  • 1 commercial industrial (2 level acres with warehouse, etc.)

From my 2008 State of the Coastside Report: **

**Half Moon Bay 2007 Median Price Home Sale – $957,000

Arleta Park neighborhood 2007 Median Price Home Sale – $832,500

**Half Moon Bay 2007 Average Price Home Sale – $1,127,763

Arleta Park neighborhood 2007 Average Price Home Sale – $993,392

Contact me to receive a copy of the entire 8 page report covering Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach and Montara by community.

Coastside real estate is very “location specific”.  Trends can be information but they are not the whole picture if you are ACTIVELY in the market.  In our office alone, 2 homes sold within hours of being listed last week.  Part of that may be heading into the spring buying time and/or the seller had the golden triangle (my phrase) of Location, Price, and Presentation.