Jackie Speier shares pearls of wisdom

Of course I was looking forward to hearing former Senator Jackie Speier and meeting new people.  She was the guest speaker for the Women’s Council of Realtors‘ (WCR) first monthly breakfast meeting of 2008 today.  The San Mateo Chapter meeting was held at The Left Bank restaurant in San Mateo.  It was nice to see a good turnout for this business networking event.  I had never attended an event with this group, although I know a few colleagues who are members.  When I learned that WCR was going to develop a blog network I was intrigued enough to look into the organization further, because I believe well done blogging creates opportunities and that interests me.

Jackie Speier is currently running for Congress in the 12th District and she has just co-authored a book, now published, titled: This is Not the Life I Ordered.  She shared how the book came to be, experiences from when she was Senator, and personal passions.  I came away with some thoughts to reflect on…  One topic I remember is when she spoke about “kitchen table friends” – you know, the group of friends you have that are always there for you no matter what time of day or night..or what phase of life you’re in…  She also referred to her “kitchen table support” which included her real estate agent, her lawyer, accountant…(the team I’ve mentioned that everyone should have around them for major life decisions).

So I did join and I look forward to meeting and networking with some fabulous women…and men.  Men are also welcome members.  I added WCR to the blogroll.