Show me the House…but that’s all!

I was showing property the other day to a client.  The Listing Agent said to go directly to the property; this was our second viewing of this home.  No one was home the first time, as showings usually go.  I always knock first, so I did…no answer.  But when I turned the lock and opened the door, a man’s voice said “Excuse me?!”  He was flaunting his birthday suit from the waist up and was obviously not expecting guests, especially a prospective buyer!  As we tried to focus on the light, layout, room size, views from the windows, etc., etc., he picked up clothes, socks, and whatever else was there that I chose not to peek at.  He was cooking chile verde.  I was tempted to ask for the recipe but refrained.  A friend came over and they carried on a conversation.  My client and I tried desperately to stay focused.

Finally we asked him what he liked best about the house and what he would change if he were staying.  He said the neighborhood was the best; he had plans to change the kitchen and proceeded to tell us in detail what his ideas were… life happens… mom and dad needed to move in, but mom and dad are not there now.  The kitchen never got done; he said his wife painted over the kitchen wallpaper one night to add some color to the room.  It was a bright crimson.  There was a cut-out in the ceiling of a hallway for the kids to have a “playhouse” in the vaulted part of the ceiling that was covered over.  Half of the garage was made into an office; no heat.  Thankfully he kept the huge german shepherd in the garage, but we met his large nose through the door…  Onward.

My friend and colleague Arn Cenedella of CB Menlo Park shares a (fictional) story about a buyer outing that inspired my true one here.  Check it out; if I could create a story like Arn’s in the 5 minutes I know it took him to write this, I would!  New friend and blogger Jill Heers of ERA Oceanside has a great buyer story also.  Another killer sense of humor that I hope to get to know better!!

If you’ve got a story to share, please let me know.  We can all use a little more humor these days, can’t we?