My Mavericks Day

A day in Half Moon Bay doesn’t get any better…well, except when we have this weather with less people 🙂  Everybody was out enjoying the weather and local vibe!

Thursday night…Mavericks contest announced.  Friday morning…call from my college student daughter saying “we’re coming home and we’ll there later today.  Yes, that was “we”.  OK, how many?? 3 more kids – easy.  Friday afternoon…call from same child “we’re not going to make it because of a party being planned for her 19th birthday Saturday night.  Later Friday afternoon…call from, guess who, “we’re coming home after all!” 3 kids from Oregon who have never seen Mavericks, one of them does extreme sports himself, and of course, my “other” children, said daughter’s friends.  OK, this will be a really busy and fun weekend!

They all arrive Friday night we find every spare sleeping bag, blanket and pillow we can;  I think heads to pillows was late but were very quiet (this group can come back!).  Parents get up at 6:30 to start a breakfast for 7 or 8 college kids (i.e. tons of food).  We send them off with full stomachs and bottles of water.  We’re close enough to Mavericks that they walked.

After putting the house back together (the kids were actually quite neat) we headed to the bluffs ourselves to take a walk and catch a glimpse of waves if we could.  We certainly were not alone but it wasn’t too bad and the views were spectacular!!  After two more walks that day just to be outside, and of course to keep the pup happy, I was completely energized and relaxed.  (I must admit that my new bodywork regime from rehab/massage professional extraordinaire, Scott King of StudioEight-18 in Moss Beach has been paying off since the lower calf injury several months ago!)

I did not get to the ceremonies because I had work to do – contract negotiations (always a good thing), and open house prep.  I don’t even care who won…to me they are all winners to be able to so beautifully work in harmony with mother nature.  She is not to be messed with as we have learned…