One reason people move to the Coastside…

I have an ocean view when I drive to the grocery store in Half Moon Bay. You may think – “so what?” Well, I agree… I certainly didn’t think it was important to me either. We all know the phenomenon of not appreciating what is right under our noses until it is no longer there. That’s my point – how do you put a price tag or a value on something like glancing at the waves or the mountains on a boring milk run? It’s a lifestyle that once you experience is hard to go back.

It wasn’t until I moved away from here and into real suburbia that I realized how unusual that was. At first the kids loved the idea of a movie theater five minutes away and a myriad of fast food stops within a one minute drive. Fortunately, we moved back and we were limited from being constantly drawn in by the ever-present consumerism.

If I want to stop at the beach on my way to an appointment, I can do that. If I find the time to catch up with a friend, we will sometimes take a short walk on the beach or a nearby trail. It’s amazing how refreshing this can be.

Bluffs Trail

When the kids want to go to the beach it’s five minutes away. And we have taken short outings to the beach for years because it doesn’t have to be an all day affair when you live here. Grab a hat, blanket, book (or iPod these days) and you’re good to go.

What about going to an elementary school where one side of the playground is direct ocean views, another side is beautiful mountains, and the third view (across the street) is alpacas, yes alpacas? No wonder many local kids grow up happy, healthy and ready to take on the world – mine are right there along with the rest of their friends finding their way outside of the Half Moon Bay nest.

On the especially warm days when it would be 100+ degrees over the hill and 72-75 here, the well known beaches can sometimes be packed. It is always fun to know the back-road shortcuts thus avoiding Highway 1 heading into town. Especially when you need milk.

I don’t always have to go into Half Moon Bay to get milk. There are a couple of small markets close by within a mile for those emergency trips. The views for that short trip are spectacular as well.