Conversations around the Holiday Table…

When your brother shows up in red boots, you know it’s the Holidays…  We kicked off our family get-together at a festive Marin restaurant (no dry chicken for this party!) and then headed back to the “Family House” for more cheer and the annual Round Robin.  Doesn’t it seem that some people know how to shop for RR gifts and some clearly don’t… uhmmm, you know who you are. 

So you can guess the first topic to come up this time —“What is going to happen to the City of Half Moon Bay?” When a Half Moon Bay story makes the I.J. (Marin’s Independent Journal) news, it’s a big story.  And boy I sure wish I had an answer for them and everyone else who’s asking, but I don’t – yet.  (Another post on this issue to come after I hear back from the Mayor, hopefully.)  The voice of reason spoke from first hand experience…my mom.

Fast rewind to the mid 60’s:  Dad (rest his soul) was a prominent local politician, on the Fairfax City Council for years and on various committees and boards.  Our house was frequently grand central for mailer stuffing parties, phone campaigns (I hated the phone campaigns because I couldn’t talk to my friends for hours), strategy meetings, and of course, victory parties (I also hated having to get dressed up for those).  Those were the years when Barbara Boxer was also a politician in Marin and they were friends.  I remember she came over to our house and we went to hers.  The year Dad became Mayor, I was in the eighth grade, and I was painfully aware of the attention.  The town was so divided on growth issues that kids even took sides. 

As we’re sipping our Holiday mimosas, Mom shared stories of dad’s relationships with large landowners in town and how they worked together to meet the needs of both landowner and the town’s growth initiatives.  He sounded like a creative communicator who brought people together.  Then one year he supported a “measured growth” proposal from a property owner for use of his land and that was it, he was voted off the council in the next election.  He never returned to local government but moved his community commitments to the Native Sons.  Mom also recalled a lawsuit filed against the City by a property owner, and she remembers both parties settling on a solution and moving on.  Thankfully, we also moved on to lighter topics…and back to the house for some gift stealing.

The RR gifts that got stolen the most and “locked” in – electric scissors (cuts leather, cardboard, paper, etc. with a smooth motion – just slide the scissors through the items being cut – very cool); the movie “Hairspray” (you know, the one based on the musical); and the super duper Home & Hobby Labeler – for indoor and outdoor use.  The losers – glitter notecards, set of frames, stuffed Santa Claus heads (sorry MPS!).  I think we all know who can shop.  Until next year…

Remember any cool Round Robin/Secret Santa gifts you’ve received?