Realtor role in Transition – Why Blog

Is blogging necessary to be successful in real estate?  No.  Then why do I do this?

The internet opened the flood gates to real estate information and data in the last several years.  We began to see MLS listings, advice, new home builders, FSBO sites, foreclosure sites, and more on the web.  It was all there for us to just use – or Register and use.  Some were new businesses and others were existing businesses that developed a web presence.  Online property searching, contact info, and zip codes began to be sold via lead generation companies for the real estate industry.

Then emerged discount and online brokerage models.  While these businesses are developing, the traditional brokerage models, in an effort to compete and continue to be Full Service, are improving their online resources for consumers.  There is such a “mash-up” of products and services out there now that I believe the next phase has yet to present itself.

Why do many of us still stall when it’s time to make a decision?  Could it be data overload – even though it feels like there isn’t enough information?  What is data?  Snippets, facts, statistics, home values, trends – we’re absolutely surrounded by data in our lives, and especially in our line of business.  Data can easily remain meaningless and confusing.  It’s not until you combine data with knowledge, experience and context that you can actually turn it into useful information.  Data is what a competent Realtor uses to create information.  When you can create and place that information in the specific context of an individual client’s situation, only then can you actually facilitate resolution of the financial/emotional commitment dilemma that they face.

In addition to the given skill sets necessary in marketing, finance, negotiation, disclosures, personal interaction, time management, we also need to contribute to the solution.  But the data has to be filtered through your brain first, before it can become part of a solution.  Therefore, one of my new roles is Information Manager.  Blogging is information management with a personality.

Realtors share knowledge and competence to prospective buyers or sellers at an Open House.  Visitors, in addition to looking at a house, may be checking out the local Realtor.  Blogging is like a virtual Open House.  A Group Blog is like a networking event 24/7.  I can continuously get to know other bloggers and increase my circle of competent Realtors and other professionals beyond my current base.  That value for my clients, my business, and my personal development is priceless.