The $1 million home market

A million dollar sales price in Half Moon Bay will buy you a very nice home.  There may or may not be a compromise somewhere, such as one less bedroom in exchange for the location you desire, smaller home than you really want but with the great yard you wanted, the “perfect” house but without the view you hoped for, you get the idea.

There are 4 homes currently for sale between $1,000,000 and $1,050,000 in Half Moon Bay – 2 are walking distance to a children’s park, elementary school, the Coastal Trail, and downtown.   One is easy walking distance to the high school, and one is in Miramar, across the street (Hwy 1) from the beaches.  All are in suburban neighborhoods.

Two homes sold in HMB during the last 90 days in this price range.  Also, two homes sold in HMB during the same 90 days in 2006.  Four homes sold in HMB during the same 90 days in 2005.

For the entire Coastside, including Pescadero and Pacifica, there are 16 homes for sale in this price range.  All are 2-4 bedrooms, 1820-3500 square feet, 2 year to 43 year old houses, 5-225 days on the market!  Coastside real estate is VERY local.